Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fun night in a Haunted House

Last night was so much fun! I spent most of the night in a haunted house. A group of about eighteen of us visited Whispers Estate in Mitchell, IN. A lovely Victorian considered by many to be one of the most haunted places in the area.

Our group was made up of members of the Ivy Tech Paranormal Society and friends/significant others of members. I went along as the friend of a friend and didn’t really know anyone except the two with whom I went (the Boy, Matt, and his wife, Lauren). I had met a Rachael, a member of the society and friend of the Boy, previously. So I basically stuck with them.

Our hunt was broken into sessions with everyone coming back together to discuss happenings and refuel on pizza after an hour or so. Our guide, Gwen, (they hadn’t been informed that our group would be so large), was very knowledgeable about the house and was fun to talk with.

After a tour of the house (Floor plan here), we broke into three groups with each group taking a different floor. The group in the attic took an Ouija board into the vortex room (Red Room), but nothing happened.

The group on the second floor, which included Matt, Lauren, and Rachael, located in Jessie’s Room looking down the hallway toward the Servant’s Quarters where activity has been reported in the past. The group rolled a small ball, such as a child would use to play jacks, down the hall and it came back. When they repeated the action, rolling the ball more slowly this time, the ball was powered on down the hall and went sailing down the stairs in the Service’s Quarters.

The group on the first floor stationed themselves in the Doctor’s Examination Room and got a photograph of Big Black which is a black cloud/shadow that can be found from time to time is several of the rooms.

Nothing happened to me as I seem to be a dampener when it comes to paranormal activity and spend most of the night camped out alone in the Front Parlor, which has a history of the least activity. I was able to confirm that no doors slammed on the first floor when the group on the second floor heard a door slam.

During a break in the hunt, Matt had a penny thrown at him as he used the bathroom off of the kitchen.

In their session in the basement, Matt, Lauren, Rachael, Anne (another member of the Paranormal Society), one other whose name I didn’t get, and Gwen held a conversation with an entity using an iPhone app.

Rachael’s hair was brushed away from her face during their session in the Doctor’s Operating Room and she was rather freaked out.

The only session in which I participated was in Rachael’s Room on the second floor. We tried to get the little girl, Rachael to play ball with us, but the room must have had too many people in it, about two groups of us, as nothing happened. Later, Matt and Lauren went back to the room and one of the balls had been moved off of the bed through none of the groups had been upstairs since that session.

Some people left at midnight, but most left between 2:30 and 3 a.m. as the long day and periods of sitting quietly waiting for something to happen began to catch up with us. Rachael, her husband Paul, Matt, Lauren and I were the last to leave around 3:30. Only Anne remained behind, as she had been dropped off and her ride wasn’t coming 8 a.m. We offered to take her home, but she declared she wanted to stay. Gwen remained in the house for the night as well, but she stays over quite often as she lives an hour’s drive away.

I can honestly say, if you have any interest in the paranormal, you should visit Whispers Estate.

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